10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip


Have a Gouda Trip

Low-fat cheese, including string cheese snacks, single-serving cottage cheese containers, or cubes of your favorite low-fat medium-hard cheese such as Colby or cheddar are perfect car-friendly finger foods. Two string cheese snacks or 1.5 ounces (4 grams) of cheese is just 100 calories, and also contains calcium and other important vitamins and nutrients. How much is 1.5 ounces of cheese? If you slice cheese into the shape of a domino, about two slices will equal 1.5 ounces [source: PBS].

Concerned about lactose intolerance? Some cheeses, such as cheddar and Swiss, are often tolerated by those who are lactose intolerant, as are soy or other nut-based cheeses.