8 Quirky Festivals in North America

Snakes -- the obvious theme of the Rattlesnake Roundup.
Snakes -- the obvious theme of the Rattlesnake Roundup.
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You're standing in a crowd. Up ahead, three pirates are manhandling the town mayor. To your left, a couple of guys are wrestling in a pit of mashed potatoes. You've got a fried rattlesnake in your right hand and a potato sausage in your left. Two ladies beside you are discussing which bug won the roach race. And, out on the water, boats that look vaguely like bathtubs are racing toward some finish line.

­OK. Maybe all of these things don't happen at once. But trust us, they happen. In the small towns and big cities of North America, throngs of people gather once a year to have at least one of the above-mentioned experiences. It's called a festival, and when we say throngs of people, we mean throngs and throngs. One of the festivals on our list attracts around 100,000 people every year. Generally speaking, each of these wacky events dances around one central, peculiar theme. And, you'd be surprised what contests can be spawned from a festival's wacky thesis statement. 

Forget folk art and funnel cake. The eight festivals on our list will have you eating crickets and watching sock puppet movies, among other weird things. Where should you road trip to join in on these bizarre events?