10 Strange Buildings Where You Can Spend the Night

Execution Rocks Lighthouse
Staying at Execution Rocks Lighthouse cost $300 per night and you have to bring your own bedding, food and water. But the ambience is priceless. NOAA Photo Library Used Under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 License

A typical eastern seaboard lighthouse on its own is shrouded in mystique, what with all its jagged rocks, crashing waves and oppressive fog. Toss in a few sordid rumors, ghost stories and air mattresses and you have a tantalizing, historical and pretty creepy place for a sleepover. Such is the reputation for Execution Rocks Lighthouse, located on Long Island Sound in New York.

An overnight stay at the Execution Rocks Lighthouse is a dream come true for history buffs who also like spookiness. In addition to being the site where a vicious serial killer named Carl Panzram once dumped his victims' bodies, it's also rumored to have obtained its name in a grisly manner. Legend has it that pre-Revolutionary War authorities routinely conducted executions by chaining people to the rocks surrounding the lighthouse at low tide, leaving them to mercilessly drown once the water rose [sources: Roadtrippers, United States Coast Guard].

This is another example of lodging that offers priceless ambiance, but not much in the way of amenities. In fact, the island doesn't feature plumbing or electricity, and guests have to supply their own bedding, food and water, though air mattresses and cots are provided. The 2015 cost was $300 per room per night [source: Lighthouse Restorations]. Of course, your local Holiday Inn would cost less and offer more amenities — but it wouldn't be on its own private island!