10 Strange Buildings Where You Can Spend the Night

Hotel Casanus
How'd you like to spend the night inside a giant colon? Thomas Willemsen Used With Permission Under Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0 License

I'm all for functional art, but spending the night inside a giant colon sculpture is a little too much for me. No, I'm not kidding you. It really is a giant anus sculpture. And you can sleep inside it. For real.

Those of you who always longed to become proctologists, but never quite made the trip to medical school, might especially enjoy a stay in this intestine-shaped building. The artistic creation of Joep Van Lieshout, Hotel Casanus is located about an hour from Brussels, Belgium. If you're looking for glitz, glamour and exceptional comfort, save yourself the trouble and reroute to the local W. Casanus prides itself on being unpolished and contradictory, and features only a double bed and the most basic amenities. Thankfully, a toilet and running water are two of them! This exhibit-turned-hotel is truly a sight to behold, having left nothing to the imagination regarding the appearance of the body's most notorious organ. In fact, it features a "puckered" sphincter and "bulging" veins [sources: Grundhauser, Unusual Hotels of the World). I'm guessing it smells better than an actual intestine, otherwise the reviews would probably be much, much worse.

While there's not much in terms of recreation (you'd probably shudder to imagine some kind of themed entertainment), the hotel is part of a sculpture park, and visitors enjoy taking in all the art under an unobstructed sky.