10 Strange Buildings Where You Can Spend the Night

This Dean Hotel room looks so classy and comfy. Hard to believe the hotel was a former flophouse and gentlemen's club. The Dean Hotel

You've been on a cruise, to an all-inclusive destination resort and stayed at so many hotel chains that you can't keep them straight anymore. If you find yourself longing for more out of your next hotel stay than a few lousy frequent visitor points, consider opting for a truly unique overnight accommodation, instead!

In keeping with today's trend of repurposing, renovating and revitalizing, many creative types are dreaming up hotels housed in some pretty bizarre venues, effectively delivering whimsy, memories and a certain je ne sais quoi that can't be cast from a typical hotel mold. Now that adventure vacationing is becoming more common, many travelers are opting to eschew the "safe" options for something historically significant, completely off the wall or even a little bit creepy. From murder sites to sanitariums to even a building shaped like one of your body's major organs, these rooms for rent deliver so much more than free WiFi. Keep reading to learn more about the imaginative ways these buildings have been transformed into exceptionally memorable hotels.