10 Weirdest Museums You Really Should Visit

The Museum of Bad Art
The Museum Of Bad Art description for "Spewing Rubik's Cubes" reads, "This image of the classic 1980s toys emanating from a jester gargoyle's mouth can only be described as puzzling." Museum Of Bad Art

Located in the basement of the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, Mass., is the Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA), a tribute, as its Web site says, to "art too bad to be ignored." (There's a second location in the Brookline Access Television lobby).

Some of the featured works in the aptly named museum include a dachshund juggling brightly colored bones while wearing a hula skirt, a painting of a nude woman riding a crustacean and a spewing Rubik's cube. Then there's the obviously titled painting, "Sunday on the Pot with George," depicting a middle-aged man in tighty-whities at repose on the toilet (which leads to a number of additional questions, actually).

The best part (if you're into belly laughs) may be the interpretive descriptions accompanying each piece. It's a high compliment to the art recovered from thrift stores, garage sales and trash bins by the museum's enthusiastic volunteers [source: Museum of Bad Art].