How to Plan a Family Reunion

Family Reunion Activities

The three-legged race is almost always a favorite at family reunions.
The three-legged race is almost always a favorite at family reunions.
AP Photo/Sang Tan

The invitations are sent, the lodgings are booked, the plane tickets are purchased and everything appears to be in order for your big family reunion. Now one question remains: What is everyone going to do when they get there?

Obviously, if you're taking a big theme park family vacation, that won't be an issue. But for a camping trip, a picnic or simply a get-together at someone's home, you had better have some ideas about how to keep everyone entertained.

First of all, if you have small kids, you'll need to find safe and fun ways to keep them occupied. If the kids aren't having a good time, chances are, no one will be. Consider games, arts and crafts, coloring books, movie time or possibly even an entertainer like a clown. A swimming pool is also a great way for kids to have fun -- as long as there's adult supervision.

Remember, games aren't just for kids, either. Family reunions can feature three-legged races, softball and volleyball games, or whatever other activities your family is into. Another great idea is story time -- this is a great opportunity for the family elders to pass on some time-honored tales to the younger generation. You could even consider putting on a talent show, having a gift exchange, an eating contest or burying a time capsule to be unearthed at the next reunion [source:].

Perhaps the most important activity you'll want to do at your reunion involves a camera. Take lots and lots of pictures. You'll want to document the kids at that stage in their lives, just like you'll want lots of pictures of your elderly relatives, too. Who knows when everyone will be together next? And technology makes things easier than ever. You can share digital photos with the entire family using a photo sharing Web site, and you may also want to consider taking digital video of the reunion and uploading it to a Web site like YouTube. That way, everyone will be able to enjoy the memories of the reunion, regardless of where they are.

On the next page, we'll address some tips you'll need to know if you're the one planning the reunion.