How to Plan a Family Reunion

Family Reunion Themes

If you're going to be around huge numbers of relatives, you may as well find ways to make it a fun time for all. Why not add a theme to your family reunion?

Again, this all depends on your family's size and what their interests are. If everyone (or mostly everyone, anyway) is of a certain cultural heritage, consider centering the theme on that. You could have lots of Mexican or Italian food, decorations and maybe even play some music from those countries.

The theme can also focus on an important coinciding event, like a 50th wedding anniversary, a graduation, a new baby arrival or maybe an elderly family member's birthday. You could even do a throwback theme to a certain decade you and your family members remember fondly, like the 1950s or the 1980s, for instance.

If you're family's extra fun, encourage costumes that match the event as well. If you're going on a cruise, consider having everyone dress in pirate garb to spice things up a little. If your group has a sentimental family vacation spot, consider going back and re-living one of your favorite family vacations from years ago.

Basically, think of it as a big party with all your relatives invited. Try to plan something that's fun and includes everyone. Be creative!

Now that you've hopefully picked a theme, what do you do at the family reunion itself? Up next, we'll talk about reunion activities.