How to Plan a Family Reunion Cruise

Cruises can offer fun for the whole family, making for a memorable family reunion experience.
Cruises can offer fun for the whole family, making for a memorable family reunion experience.
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Families that span several generations are often scattered long distances apart or just don't have a lot of time to keep in touch. Reunions might be the only time some family members see each other. If you're organizing a family reunion, you'll want that rare time together to be enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

One of the challenges in planning a family reunion is finding a location that's suitable for family members of all ages. A 2007 report by the U.S. Travel Association stated that a third of American adults had traveled to a family reunion in the three years prior [source: Today]. To make the most of the event for those who have traveled, you'll probably want more than just a banquet to bring everyone together. If you plan a longer event, such as over a weekend or an entire week, consider a location that's a fun-filled vacation for everyone.

Another challenge is keeping your reunion affordable. Remember that the people you bring together have different budgets and different priorities. That same Travel Association report stated that about half the reunions were held at someone's home. This may be your cheapest option, but it may not accommodate a large number of people for several days. As an organizer, choose a location and activities that are both enjoyable and fit family members' budgets so they can arrive stress-free and ready to enjoy themselves.

Group cruises can take the guesswork out of choosing locations, making arrangements and planning activities. Cruise ships provide a variety of activities in one place, complete with accommodations and meals, all for one price. Plus, you'll likely stop in exotic ports along the way, combining the reunion with the thrill of traveling to new places. You can even choose from a variety of cruises based on the ages, interests and budgets of your family members.

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