How to Create a Family Reunion Web Site

Tips for Creating Family Reunion Web Sites

Load pictures onto your family's site so you can share the memories.
Load pictures onto your family's site so you can share the memories.
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One important way your Web site can help you make your reunion the best it can be is by helping you get everyone's input. You can use a blog to report your progress on the reunion plans and invite family members to join the blog, give their opinions and ask questions. This will help you find out about potential problems you maybe didn't think of. For example, a relative who has trouble getting around might ask about how many steps the reunion venue has, and this would give you a chance to find out before the big day.

While a basic Web site with a blog is enough to get information out about your family reunion, there are also lots of ways to use site-building tools to add fun to your family reunion and help everyone get to know more about each other. You can use the same polling tools that you used to ask people's opinions about the reunion menu to help people get to know each other better. One fun way to do this is to post a poll before the reunion that asks family members about themselves. Ask things about interesting places family members have visited, favorite books, and other personal facts and characteristics. Read the answers aloud at the reunion, and have everyone try to guess whose answers they are.

Another family reunion goal that your Web site can help you with is creating memories. Most Web site templates allow you to upload photos and videos. You can make multiple photo albums and arrange them by theme, and if you keep your Web site for the long run, you can create an archive of past reunions so everyone can look back and reminisce. You can also use those polling tools to ask everyone about their favorite reunion memories.

If you use your Web site to get the word out before the reunion and keep the memories afterwards, you can add joy and fun to everyone's experience.

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