How to Create a Family Reunion Web Site

Get the whole family together with the help of the Web.
Get the whole family together with the help of the Web.
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Families have reunions to bond with their loved ones, get to know each other better and create cherished memories. But organizing them can be a hassle. Lately, however, lots of families have turned to 21st century technology as a way to get the word out about their family reunions -- and even to enhance the reunion experience.

How can modern technology help with this tried-and-true tradition? Most people have access to the Internet these days, and a Web site is a fast, convenient way to get information to a lot of people. Any event that brings together a large group of people will require a lot of communication. You'll need to let everyone know the date and time of the reunion, how to get there, where to park, what to bring, where to spend the night, and where to get something to eat. Instead of calling or sending a stack of letters to Aunt Cindy, Cousin Julian and everyone else in the family, you can put all the information up on your Web site.

You can also use your Web site's interactive capabilities to get everyone's opinions before the reunion by blogging about possible venues or food choices. On top of that, an e-mail list can keep everyone up to date on any important information. These tools can help the whole family have a dialog about the reunion beforehand, share their thoughts about the reunion afterward and make suggestions for next time. Many families decide to keep their family reunion Web site and use it as a continuing calendar for important family events.

If you're thinking about creating a family reunion Web site, you'll need to consider things such as cost and user-friendliness. Some family reunion Web sites are free, while others are not. Making a Web site completely from scratch requires some computer knowledge, but family tree templates are easy to make and use. Read on to learn more about creating your own family reunion Web site.