Top 10 Family Reunion Games


Who's the Baby?

With a little preparation, this can be an ideal game for families. In advance of the reunion, the organizer asks each adult family member to submit a photo of himself or herself as a baby or young child. They should also send along recent photos showing how they look now. Digital cameras, scanners and e-mail make collecting the pictures easier.

At the reunion, the game organizer sets up a board and attaches the photos in two columns labeled "Then" and "Now." He or she numbers the baby pictures and assigns letters to the recent pictures. Family members who want to play can study the pictures during the reunion. They try to match the baby with contemporary picture and record their answers on a form that they drop into a box.

After everyone has had a chance to participate, the organizer checks the answers and determines who has the most correct guesses. The actual match-ups are announced and the winner gets a prize.

The game is a great conversation starter. For some, the baby pictures will bring back loads of memories. Others might see the resemblance between a current young one and his grandfather as a baby. Kids can get involved, too. They love to look at pictures of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles as young people.