Top 10 Family Reunion Games


Water Balloon Toss

A water balloon toss can include the entire family.
A water balloon toss can include the entire family.

This game is perfect for those summer reunions when the temperature's soaring. It can include the whole family, and it's guaranteed to leave everyone laughing. The goal is simply to toss a water balloon from increasing distances without breaking it.

Start by dividing the family into teams of two. The possibilities are many: husband-and-wife teams, brother-and-sister duos, mother-and-daughter sets, or even random pairs. Form two parallel straight lines, with team members facing each other. All those in one line start with a water balloon, the squishier the better. The game is sometimes played with eggs, but water balloons are usually more fun and less messy.

To start, the lines are barely an arm's length apart. On a signal, each person tosses the balloon to his or her teammate. Nothing could be easier, right? But then each line takes a step backward. Players toss the balloon again. Another step back. As they get farther apart, the tension builds. Catching a balloon is an art form -- if you drop it, it breaks; if you catch it too firmly, it breaks. The chance of getting sprayed by a bursting balloon adds excitement and fun.

A team is out when its balloon bursts. The game continues until only one pair has an unbroken balloon. Be sure you pick up the balloons after it's over.