Top 10 Family Reunion Games



Bingo has simple rules and appeals to children and older adults.
Bingo has simple rules and appeals to children and older adults.

When it comes to family reunion ice breakers, there's a simple beauty to bingo. Bingo loosens people up with some gentle competition and lets people exchange banter, but also gives you an excuse to escape tedious, one-on-one conversations with a great aunt you haven't seen in 20 years.

The informal structure of bingo means people can join or leave the game at intervals. That way you can take a break from non-stop socializing and rest while still engaging in the fun atmosphere of a relaxing game. To hold the attention of attendees, ask that everyone bring a small, inexpensive gift. At the end of each session, the winner can select a prize.

Better yet, you can put a little more effort into this exercise and play bingo with family names. Write each person's name on a sheet of paper and put the names into a hat. Then hand everyone a sheet of paper with a grid of 12 squares.

Pass these sheets around the room and have everyone write his or her name into a random square. Once the squares on each person's grid are full, the game begins. Simply pull names from the hat and call the name out loud. Then put that name aside, shake the hat and repeat the process.

In very large families where names aren't familiar, each time a name is drawn, that person can stand or raise his or her hand. This is a good way to learn people's names while making the game more personal, too.