Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations


Rent a Rustic Retreat

A rented villa in a picturesque foreign location can be a great place to rekindle family relationships. The languorous luxury setting encourages you to sit around with a glass of wine and chat, which is what most people want to do at reunions.

One great location is Italy's romantic Tuscany, where you can rent a lovely villa that sleeps 20, complete with a spacious living room, dining room with a fireplace, a pool, extensive grounds, and for those who can't halt their media addiction, satellite TV and Internet access. Villas are for families with deep pockets, though. A week at the previously described palace costs 8,125 to 11,562 euros (approximately $10,515 to $15,000 U.S.), depending on the season. And unless you're accustomed to cooking for large groups, you'll have to hire a chef as well [source: Family Reunions Tuscany].