Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations


Go Camping

At first glance, camping might not seem ideal for everyone -- especially your prissy cousin, Roslyn -- but as long as family members have a willingness to try something a little different, this can certainly turn into a memorable trip. Your definition of the words "roughing it" will dictate your lodging arrangements. For the true- blue family campers, pitching tents in campgrounds at places like the City of Rocks State Park in Faywood, New Mexico and Jellystone Park (found in many states) can make them feel at one with nature. Many camping sites in the U.S. and Canada offer plenty of good tent areas and allow you to bring the family dogs, making camping a fun experience for those willing to temporarily forgo modern conveniences.

If you need to ease Roslyn and the other family members into the idea, a log cabin might be a better fit for the family reunion. For instance, Sorensen's Resort, an all-season resort near Lake Tahoe, Calif. offers cottage, log cabins and mountain vacation homes rentals. Typically a two-night minimum is required on weekends and a three- to five-night stay on holidays and special events [source: Sorensen's Resort]. Just like the beach house, cabin living provides an opportunity for the family to stay together either under one roof or relatively close by. And for the outdoorsmen and women of the group, activities like hiking on beautiful trails, fishing and riding bikes in the spring and summer and skiing, sledding and snowshoeing in the winter are like paradise.