Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations


Experience a Metropolitan City

Young and old will enjoy city sights.
Young and old will enjoy city sights.
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No group stands out like a sore thumb more than a family visiting a major metropolitan city wearing bright red shirts with "The Jones Family" printed across the back. But who cares? It's OK to let the whole city know that you've arrived. You've been planning this trip forever. In fact, Aunt Sue gets the chance to become city chic as she has already told her entire bridge club that she's headed uptown for the weekend.

Hosting your family reunion in a major city in the United States provides an abundance of activities for everyone to participate in. They can enjoy restaurants, plays, shopping, museums, tours, sporting events, outdoor festivals and too many more expeditions to count.

So open up the U.S. map and pick a city. The fam can check out America's history in Washington, D.C. by visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall or the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. Or they can all hop on a double-decker sight-seeing bus in the Big Apple for an average of $76 per adult or $59 per child to ride downtown and uptown [source: City Sights NY]. Of course when they're done with the tour, the crew can make their way on over to Macy's Herald Square on 34th Street.

Or they can continue the shopping theme at Chicago's Magnificent Mile and stop off for some really good Chicago-style hot dogs from a street vendor. And if you time it right, you can be there in May during the "Tulips on the Magnificent Mile" to see hundreds of thousands of tulips blooming on the street [source: Magnificent Mile].