Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations


Get to Know Your Ancestors

If you're a hardcore genealogy buff, you probably won't be content with anything less than traipsing around the exact remote village where your forebears lived three or four centuries ago. But good luck in getting everybody else to go there, or finding hotel rooms.

You may have better luck with a slightly broader approach, in which you focus on your regional or national heritage. And chances are that your ancestral homeland is eager to have you. Scotland, for example, extends an open invitation to anyone of Scottish ancestry to attend its Homecoming 2014 celebration, which comes on the heels of the successful 2009 Homecoming celebration, one of the largest international family reunions spotlighting Scottish heritage [source: Event Scotland].

If you have Irish roots -- and who doesn't, to some degree? -- you're really in luck because that country has a flourishing family reunion industry. Companies like MyguideIreland will plan an itinerary for your group, and even try to track down some Irish relatives for you to meet [source: MyguideIreland].

If traveling overseas doesn't appeal to your clan, no problem. A family reunion centered upon a visit to historic Ellis Island, where 12 million immigrants entered the United States between 1892 and 1954, might provide a truly moving experience. There's a museum on the island that focuses on the history of immigration, and you can also take in the Statue of Liberty [source: Better Homes and Gardens].

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