Top 10 Family Reunion Destinations

Where to meet up with your extended family?
Where to meet up with your extended family?
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In today's world, families become scattered far and wide across the globe. People move away to seek job opportunities, more pleasant climates, or simply to indulge their restless wanderlust. As a result of that, family reunions, where we get a chance to see our grandparents, reconnect with distant cousins, and keep family traditions and lore alive, have become increasingly important events. Reunions Magazine, a publication that covers the get-togethers' subculture, estimates that there are more than 200,000 family reunions each year, attended by some 8 million people. Nearly three-quarters of those gatherings have 50 or more participants [source: Randall].

If you're organizing a family reunion, picking the right destination for your event can be a tricky task. You need a travel spot that's accessible and affordable, and can provide fun activities for everyone. For example, if you pick a golf and tennis resort in the Bahamas, that may make your athletic cousins from Florida happy. But your cousins from Wisconsin would rather go hiking and bird-watching in a national park. And more importantly where can you go that Aunt Ruby will feel comfortable enough to bring her world-famous red velvet cakes? No reunion is a reunion without that.

You get the picture. It's a tough call. But here are some options to choose from.