10 Guaranteed Ways to Ruin a Family Reunion

Drink. A lot.
Alcohol is a common attendee at family gatherings, but it can cause all kinds of discord and embarrassment if people don’t drink responsibly. © Simon Jarratt/Corbis

Chances are good that if you haven't seen your family in a long time (or even if you have, depending on your family), the idea of attending a reunion may have you feeling more anxious than normal. Hoping for an open bar? According to a study, what we all learned from those years of unscientific "research" that we collectively drank during our college years is true -- alcohol loosens you up in social situations. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol at group events helps to stimulate conversation and makes people feel they're having a good time; drinking alcohol also makes us smile [source: UPI]. If you don't drink very often (and even if you do), be careful; one too many glasses of wine can turn a fun evening into an embarrassing event.