10 Guaranteed Ways to Ruin a Family Reunion

Don't Plan Ahead
A good reunion is a delicate balancing act. If you’re sloppy with your planning, an idyllic scene like this one could turn to mayhem. © Aladdin Color, Inc./Corbis

If you're thinking about planning a family reunion this year, think again. Putting together a reunion can take a considerable amount of time and effort, and may take several months -- if not longer -- to plan. Consider the location and its proximity to where family members live, the time of year and weather, as well as the type of facility that would best suit your family's size and style (for example, indoor or outdoor, if permits are required, pot-luck or catered, and so on). And then there's the food. And the activities. And then there's the cost, and how to keep things affordable for all family members. There's one thing planning experts agree on: Communicate early, communicate often, and don't be afraid to spread around the responsibilities.

Neglect to organize the reunion properly and your mistakes will become legend at future family gatherings.