Coastal and Lake Vacations

Plan a trip that your kids will remember for a lifetime. Learn more about coastal and lake vacations like Myrtle Beach and Lake Placid.


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Selkirk Lighthouse

Selkirk Lighthouse once kept sailors on stormy Lake Ontario safe and today it protects amateur boaters and fishers. The lighthouse resembles a New England farmhouse that would fit well in a Norman Rockwell painting. See Selkirk Lighthouse here.

Minots Ledge Lighthouse

Minot's Ledge Lighthouse which once fell into the sea safeguards sailors from Massachusetts' dangerous shoals. The lighthouse warns of the Minot's Ledge which is one of the most dangerous shoals in North America. See Minot's Ledge Lighthouse here.

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Cape Neddick Lighthouse in southern Maine is known for its Victorian style and holiday lights display. The lighthouse is inaccessible to visitors because it sits on a small rocky island by itself. Learn more about Cape Neddick Lighthouse here.

American Shoals Lighthouse

American Shoals Lighthouse is found out in the water along the Florida Keys to warn sailors of the reefs below. The lighthouse includes an octagonal keeper's residence that sits 40 feet above the water. See American Shoals Lighthouse here.

Fort Niagara Lighthouse

Fort Niagara Lighthouse rises to light freshwater where the Niagara River and Lake Ontario meet in New York. This lighthouse was constructed to warn of the deadly shoals that are found throughout the Great Lakes. Learn about Fort Niagara Lighthouse h

Buffalo Lighthouse

Buffalo Lighthouse in New York was the first built on Lake Erie shortly after construction of the Erie Canal. The light was built to alert ships that they were approaching the port of Buffalo and the Niagara River. Learn about Buffalo Lighthouse here

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse is found surprisingly on a peninsula in Pennsylvania along Lake Erie. The lighthouse is unusual because of it's square shape and bold color pattern. Learn about and see Presque Isle Lighthouse here.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse shines in remote far-eastern Maine and is among the oldest in the nation. The pulsing light of this lighthouse can be seen every 15 seconds for about 15 miles. Learan about the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

The Cape Florida Lighthouse has survived hurricanes and Indian attacks in its history in the Florida Keys. Located on Key West the lighthouse stands a mere 90 miles from the coast of Cuba. Learn about the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Thomas Point Shoals Lighthouse

Thomas Point Shoals Lighthouse is known for its unusual shape and position in the center of Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse sits on an iron platform that is secured to the ocean floor. See Thomas Point Shoals Lighthouse here.

Cape Cod Lighthouse

The Cape Cod Lighthouse once written about by Henry David Thoreau has saved many sailors from dense fog. The lighthouse was built in 1798 and is the oldest lighthouse on the sandy Cape Cod peninsula. Learn about the Cape Cod Lighthouse here.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The towering Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has long protected North Carolina's Outer Banks. The Hatteras lighthouse is perhaps the most famous lighthouse in the United States. Learn about the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

America's Lighthouses

America's lighthouses -- though they may be just decorations now -- used to serve a life-saving function. Many of these lighthouses continue to serve as vital navigation aids and landmarks for passing ships. Learn about America's lighthouses.

Beavertail Lighthouse

Beavertail Lighthouse the fourth built in the United States shines from the shores of Rhode Island. It was built in 1749 out of the need for a reliable lighthouse to warn the busy ship traffic of a narrow channel. Learn more about Beavertail Lighthou

New London Lighthouse

The New London Lighthouse stands eight stories above the Connecticut shoreline and is over 200 years old. Built in 1760 this lighthouse was funded by a public lottery and was built to warn of the Thames River inlet. Learn about the New London Lightho

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Outside of Manhattan stands New Jersey's Sandy Hook Lighthouse the oldest continually running light in the U.S. Constructed in 1764 it features an octagonal design which allows it stand up better to harsh weather. Learn about the Sandy Hook Lighthous

Morris Island Lighthouse

Morris Island Lighthouse in Charleston South Carolina stands alone in the water a victim of erosion. Efforts are afoot in Charleston to save the lighthouse because of the importance to the history of the region. Learn about the Morris Island Lighthou

Plymouth Lighthouse

Plymouth Lighthouse is older than the Declaration of Independence and located near where the Pilgrims landed. It was built in 1769 and features pyramidal design which helps it stand up to harsh weather. Learn about the Plymouth Lighthouse.

Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine is hailed as among the most beautiful lighthouses in the country. This lighthouse has stood at the entrance to the Portland harbor since its completion in 1791. Learn about the Portland Head Lighthouse.

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia's Cape Henry Lighthouse has long been a key navigational aid. The original sandstone lighthouse has weathered the elements for over 200 years. Today two lighthouse towers stand side by side. See Cape Henry Lighthouse here.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk Point Lighthouse at the far-east edge of Long Island is among the first sights from the Atlantic. The lighthouse was built in 1791 and has overseen the steady stream of ship traffic into New York ever since. Learn about the Montauk Point Ligh

Brant Point Lighthouse

Brant Point Lighthouse is built at the entrance of Nantucket harbor and is a popular vacation destination. Established in 1746 this lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouse sites in the United States. Learn about the Brant Point Lighthouse.

Family Vacations: Myrtle Beach

South Carolina's Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach, has been a favorite sun-and-sand destination for more than a century. The beach is named for the numerous wax myrtle trees growing along the shore. Learn more about family vacations to Myrtle Beach.

Family Vacations: Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is one of the premier beach getaway destinations in the Southeast. It was named for William Hilton, an English sea captain who explored the island in the 17th century. Learn about family vacations to Hilton Head barrier island.

Family Vacations: Ringling Estate Sarasota Bay

In its time, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was the greatest show on earth. It became the world's most successful and enduring circus when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circuses merged. Read about vacations to Ringling Estate.