Family Vacations: Destin

Known by deep-sea fishing enthusiasts as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin also features some of the best beaches Florida has to offer.  See more pictures of Florida.

Destin, Florida, is renowned for its deep-sea fishing, but kids also love its white sand beaches that are a shell-collector's paradise. In fact, Destin is considered by many to be one of the top five shell-collecting areas in the world.

Many visitors believe it's the best beach in the South. Families come to Destin to enjoy its soft sand and clear emerald waters, suited to a range of recreational activities. The clarity of its warm waters makes it especially inviting for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.


Home to the largest and best-equipped fleet of deep-sea fishing charter boats in Florida, Destin is the spot if you're fishing for cobia, grouper, blue marlin, or sailfish. Kids enjoy fishing off Destin's pier and beaches, and there are plenty of fish for them to catch: Pompano, whiting, and mackerel are favorites.

The area is home to excellent year-round golf courses that cater to all skill levels. Condos, beach houses, and resort hotels with children's programs abound.

Destin Information

Address: Destin Area Chamber of Commerce, 4484 Legendary Dr., Destin, FL

Telephone: 850/837-6241

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