Coastal and Lake Vacations

Plan a trip that your kids will remember for a lifetime. Learn more about coastal and lake vacations like Myrtle Beach and Lake Placid.

Nude beaches aren't the hotbed of hooking up that many people suppose. In fact there are a whole lot of etiquette rules to observe when going au naturel.

Whether you're looking for relaxation or exhilaration, a coastal getaway can meet your needs. From Bali to Cali, act like a globetrotter and take a look at some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

The Old Point Loma lighthouse is one of the most scenic lighthouses in the United States. The lighthouse sits 500 feet above the level of the water and was frequently obscured by fog. See a profile and a picture of Old Point Loma lighthouse.

The Cape Flattery lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse in the lower 48 states. The lighthouse was built on Tatoosh Island in 1857 just one year after the first lighthouse in the region was built. See a profile and a picture of the Cape Flattery

The St. George Reef lighthouse was one of the loneliest and most dangerous places to work. The rocky base is often visible during low tide but the dangerous swells in the winter often cover the base. See a profile of the St. George Reef lighthouse.

Oregon's scenic Heceta Head lighthouse is a favorite of lighthouse aficionados and tourists. This was one of the most challenging lighthouses to build because of the rugged coastline. See a profile and a picture of Heceta Head lighthouse.

The Five Finger lighthouse reaches out to guide maritime traffic along the Inside Passage. It is located about 70 mile south of Juneau the capital of Alaska. See a profile and picture of the Five Finger lighthouse.

The Admiralty Head lighthouse is one of the most beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1927 and now serves as a popular museum. See a profile and a picture of the Admiralty Head lighthouse.

Makapuu Point lighthouse offers one of the most breathtaking coastal panoramas of any in the United States. The lighthouse is located about 12 miles east of the city of Honolulu Hawaii. Learn about Makapuu Point lighthouse.

Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse has been visited by the likes of George Washington and Henry David Thoreau. During the Revolutionary War the lighthouse guided local privateers during raids on British ships. Learn about Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse.

Cape Ann lighthouse is among the oldest lighthouses on the New England coast and boy could it tell some stories. Established in 1771 the twin lighthouses stand about 300 feet apart on the small island. Learn about the Cape Ann lighthouse.

Block Island Southeast lighthouse has guided ships into Long Island Sound or south toward New York City. The lighthouse is distinctive because of the over sized catwalk that surrounds the top of the lighthouse. Learn about Block Island Southeast ligh

Minnesota's Split Rock lighthouse is one of the most spectacular lighthouses in North America. Situated on a vertical cliff the lighthouse produces a light that can be seen for 20 miles. See a profile and a picture of Split Rock lighthouse.

The Biloxi lighthouse is unusual in many ways including the fact that it has had two female lighthouse keepers. The 48-foot tower was constructed of cast iron and then lined with locally fired bricks. Learn about the Biloxi lighthouse.

The Point Bolivar lighthouse has acted as a shelter for the residents of Galveston during hurricanes. 120 people used the tower as a shelter during the 1900 hurricane that killed over 8000 people. See a profile of the Point Bolivar lighthouse.

South Padre Island's Point Isabel lighthouse was built in 1852 during the heyday of lighthouse building. The 57-foot tower is similar in design to the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras and Biloxi. See a profile of the Point Isabel lighthouse.

The Sabine Pass lighthouse has large buttresses to give it better support in the soft wet ground. The lighthouse was active until 1952 when it was decommissioned from active duty. Find a profile of the Sabine Pass lighthouse.

The Sanibel Island lighthouse has an unusual iron framework attached to concrete supports in the ground. The tower was constructed in 1884 and was designed to withstand the strongest of gulf hurricanes. Learn about the Sanibel Island lighthouse.

The Grand Haven Lighthouse was built to warn mariners of shallow waters close to shore. The lighthouse is covered with iron plates that provide greater protection from the ice and waves. See a profile and a picture of the Grand Haven lighthouse.

The Pointe Aux Barques lighthouse was given its name by the French fur-trappers. It was built to warn of the shallow waters of Saginaw Bay which is less than 8 feet deep. See a profile and a picture of the Pointe Aux Barques lighthouse.

The Holland Harbor lighthouse is painted red to increase its visibility to mariners out on Lake Michigan. The lighthouse was constructed in 1872 and sits due west of the inland community of Lansing. Learn about the Holland Harbor lighthouse.

The Grosse Point lighthouse is the loveliest of all lights built along the coasts east and west of Chicago. Despite going out of service in 1935 the lighthouse is maintained by the local government. Learn about the Grosse Point lighthouse.

The Spectacle Reef lighthouse is located on a submerged reef just east of the Straits of Lake Huron. The lighthouse is a marvel of engineering due to the complex construction methods used to build it. See a profile of the Spectacle Reef lighthouse.

Sand Island lighthouse is a freshwater lighthouse built to guide vessels along the shipping channel to Duluth. The lighthouse features thick walls that are made of country rock and mortar. Learn about Sand Island Lighthouse.

Old Mackinac Point lighthouse was a significant lighthouse on the south shores of the Straits of Mackinac. Constructed of brick the lighthouse is one of the most solid lighthouses in the region. Learn about Old Mackinac Point lighthouse.