Family Vacations in Wisconsin

Family Vacations: Door County

Nestled between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Door County offers beaches, boating, and peaceful towns.

The long, finger-shape peninsula that separates the main body of Lake Michigan from the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is called Door County. It is known for its quiet beaches, picturesque towns, and scenic farms. Scandinavians settled here in the 1850s, and their influence is evident in the delicious food specialties offered throughout the region, such as Icelandic pancakes with lingonberry syrup, and skorpa, a sweetly spiced Swedish toast.

Kids will love exploring Door County's expansive shoreline and its historic lighthouses. If they grow tired of its beautiful beaches, they can travel its many bike paths or pick in-season produce at various fruit farms.

Fish boils are a tradition you won't want to miss: They date back to the time Door County was populated by settlers and lumberjacks. Today's fish boils consist of fresh whitefish steaks cooked with onions and potatoes in a huge pot over an open fire. The dramatic flare-up, or "overboil," is a sure sign that dinner is ready.

Door County

Address: Door County Visitor Bureau, 1015 Green Bay Rd., Sturgeon Bay, WI

Phone: 920/743-4456, 800/52-RELAX

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