Family Vacations in Washington

Family Vacations in Washington: Washington State International Kite Festival

See kites from around the world at the Washington State International Kite Festival.

The ornate and intricate kites featured in this weeklong festival are worlds away from the diamond-shape structures you used to make out of newspaper, string, and old rags. The festival takes place every August in Long Beach in the southwestern corner of Washington. The event attracts kite fanatics who come to show off their impressive flying skills and stunningly beautiful kites, as well as families looking for a novel way to enjoy a day at the beach.

The festival takes on an international theme with traditional kites from places such as Bali, China, Japan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand. You'll see flying trains made of multiple kites on one string. The aerial dodges, swoops, and twists of stunt kites are great fun to watch, as are the fierce battles of the fighter kites. Kite sizes range from miniscule (there's even a prize for the smallest) to very large. Some are three-dimensional.

Children have their own section of the beach for flying kites, and there are kite-making workshops and all kinds of competitions. And if you just can't get enough of these flying creations at the festival, a kite museum in town has some fascinating displays and a gift shop.

Washington State International Kite Festival Information

Address: Museum at 303 Sid Snyder Dr

Long Beach, WA

Telephone: 360/642-4020

Hours of Operation: Third full week of Aug.

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