Family Vacations in Utah

Family Vacations in Utah: Lake Powell

With a labyrinth shoreline totalling almost 2,000 miles, Lake Powell is a boating and fishing paradise.

Beyond the Glen Canyon Dam, the Colorado River widens into Lake Powell. The lake stretches from Lee's Ferry in Arizona to Utah's Orange Cliffs. There are two sides to the story of the reservoir -- it has been beloved by some and reviled by others.

Lake Powell is a mecca for outdoors buffs of every stripe, from anglers and boaters to hikers and mountain bikers. The spectacular 187-mile body of water is vast and nestled in the blissful surroundings of red rock. Many vacationers spend their entire trip on the water itself in a rented houseboat.

Lake Powell's shoreline stretches nearly 2,000 miles, which is longer than that of the entire Pacific Coast of the United States. The construction of Glen Canyon Dam in the 1950s and 1960s remains controversial to this day. Many people opposed building the dam and the submersion of Glen Canyon. After it was built, the dam became a rallying point for environmentalists, who in recent years have called for draining Lake Powell and restoring Glen Canyon.

Utah's wilderness is awe-inspiring at times, and visitors shouldn't miss an opportunity to visit Monument Valley. Continue to the next page to make a plan to visit Monument Valley.

Lake Powell Information

Lake Powell Information

Address: Bullfrog Visitor Center

off UT-Hwy. 276

Bullfrog, UT

Telephone: 928/608-6200

Hours of Operation: Dawn - Dusk

Admission: $15 per vehicle or $7 per person

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