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Family Vacations in Utah

Family Vacations in Utah: Temple Square

Work on the Salt Lake Temple began in 1853, six years after Brigham Young led thousands of Mormons to the Great Salt Lake to escape persecution in Nauvoo, Illinois. During the next four decades, workers painstakingly carved granite blocks from the walls of Little Cottonwood Canyon -- now the home of two renowned ski resorts -- about 20 miles southeast of Temple Square.

Weighing in excess of a ton and sometimes as much as 5,600 pounds, each block was transported by ox-drawn wagon or railroad to the construction site. Master stonecutters then fit the blocks perfectly into place, without the aid of mortar.


Brigham Young did not live to see the Temple's completion in 1893. But he certainly would have approved of the majestic building, capped with six towering spires, which he directed to be built to last an eternity.

Temple Square's beauty is matched by the serenity of the Great Salt Lake. Continue to the next page to learn how to plan a visit.

Temple Square information

Address: 50 W. North Temple

Salt Lake City, UT

Telephone: 801/240-4872

Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., daily

Admission: Free

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