Family Vacations in Texas

Family Vacations in Texas: Lake Amistad

The Pecos Bridge spans the Pecos River near where it feeds into Lake Amistad. An overlook reveals the dazzling Pecos River below.

Lake Amistad is an oasis in the Texas badlands. This confluence of the Rio Grande, Devils, and Pecos rivers on the United States-Mexico border has been alive with human activity for thousands of years. The limestone canyons of the Lower Pecos region have been trafficked by people for more than 10,000 years. In their travels, these people left behind one of the world's most spectacular collections of rock art. The artifacts are scattered throughout nearly 250 known sites that include some of North America's largest multihued rock paintings.

In 1969, the rivers were dammed here, creating Lake Amistad. The 67,000-acre reservoir extends up the Rio Grande for 74 miles, Devils River for 24 miles, and Pecos for 14 miles. The shoreline wraps around 850 miles, and many people are enticed by the striking blue water, which is extraordinarily clear due to the lack of loose soil. Visitors can traverse the lake on watercraft of all kinds. Many people enjoy fishing for behemoth catfish and bass, swimming, and scuba diving. Atop the six-mile Amistad Dam is a bridge that connects the United States to Mexico. Its center is marked by a pair of eagle statues, one on each side of the official border.

Lake Amistad Information

Address: 9685 W. Hwy. 90

Del Rio, TX

Telephone: 830/775-7491

Hours of Operation: Dawn - Dusk

Admission: $4 per day

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