Family Vacations in Texas

Family Vacations in Texas: Presidio County Courthouse

©Brianne Karabetsos. The Presidio County Courthouse regained its original splendor after a 2001 restoration. The gray dome is topped with a statue of Lady Justice.

Texas is home to some of the United States' most majestic courthouses, and the Presidio County Courthouse in the small west Texas town of Marfa is the state's crown jewel. Dominating the horizon for miles, the 1887 Victorian courthouse, clad in pink stucco and capped with an ornate gray dome, is a work of art inside and out. The observation deck on the fifth floor is open to the public and offers a sublime view of Marfa, which is known for its cattle, minimalist art, and starring role as the setting for the classic film Giant.

Legend has it that in the 1890s a convicted outlaw managed to shake free of his captors and fire off a shot at Lady Justice, perched atop the courthouse's dome. His bullet took out the scales that were in the statue's hands as he cried, "There is no justice in this country!" The Presidio County Courthouse was thoroughly restored in 2001. The price tag for the job: $2.5 million, or about 40 times the original budget of $60,000 to build it. The only thing that wasn't refurbished was Lady Justice's still-missing set of scales.

Presidio County Courthouse Information

Address: 320 N. Highland St

Marfa, TX

Telephone: 432/729-4942

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