Family Vacations in South Dakota

Courtesy of the National Park Service Mount Rushmore incorporates human design into the natural beauty of the South Dakota landscape.

The landscape of South Dakota is a blend of natural and manmade architecture: whether you head to Mount Rushmore or explore the region’s vast cave system, South Dakota offers many exciting destinations for your next family vacation.

In the following article, you’ll find profiles of some of the state’s attractions, from world-class monuments to historical centers to unique natural history sites. To help plan your trip, you’ll also find contact information, as well as photographs of each site. Here’s a preview:


Wind Cave National Park

One of the world's longest and most complex caves, Wind Cave was named for the eerie whistling noise that can be heard at its entrance.

Mount Rushmore

This presidential face-off of monumental proportions is a jaw-dropping feat of art and engineering.

Crazy Horse Memorial

The nine-story-high face of Crazy Horse, the famous Native American leader, is just the beginning of this monumental sculpture that already dominates the vista of the Black Hills.

Mammoth Site

This treasure trove of fossils in Hot Springs, South Dakota, was discovered in 1974 when excavation for a housing development unearthed the remains of a woolly mammoth.


For 51 weeks of the year, Sturgis, South Dakota, is a sleepy town of about 6,000. But for one week in August, it hosts one of the biggest and best parties on the North American continent featuring parades, concerts, mobile malls, light shows, and a lot of happy local Sturgis merchants.

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