Family Vacations in Oregon

Family Vacations in Oregon: Mount Hood

Oregon's Mount Hood is one of the few mountains where skiers can hit the slopes in the middle of summer.

A picture-perfect mountain, Mount Hood is a visual reminder to city dwellers in Portland that the great outdoors is just a short drive away -- 47 miles east, to be exact. At 11,239 feet above sea level, the peak is the fourth highest in the Cascade Range. Like all of its Cascade brethren, Mount Hood is a volcano, and an active one at that. It erupted twice in the mid-1800s and has had at least four eruptive periods in the last 15,000 years. The volcanic cone atop the mountain is dominated by snow and ice, with glaciers and snowfields shrouding it year-round.

Mount Hood is a recreational paradise, with popular ski resorts, hiking routes, and backcountry trails. The historic Timberline Lodge is perched at 6,000 feet above sea level and fills to capacity during ski season -- which sometimes goes all year long.

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Mount Hood Information

Address: Mt. Hood Information Center, 65000 E. Hwy. 26, Welches, OR

Telephone: 503/622-4822, 888/622-4822

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