Family Vacations in Nevada

Family Vacations in Nevada: Pyramid Lake

Visitors can kayak across the idyllic Pyramid Lake.

Named for the distinctive 400-foot rock near its eastern shore, Pyramid Lake is a striking contrast to its rugged, arid surroundings in northwestern Nevada. The lake is one of the largest desert lakes in the world and is famous for its tufa rock formations. Its surface vacillates from turquoise to dark blue. Across the lake, views of the mountains, streaked with gray and pink, are unforgettable.

In 1844, John C. Fremont, said to be the first Anglo to gaze at the lake, put a fitting description to paper after this vast oasis punctuated his journey through the desert: "A defile between the mountains descended rapidly about two thousand feet; and, filling up all the lower space, was a sheet of green water, some twenty miles broad. It broke upon our eyes like the ocean."

Located on the Paiute Indian Reservation, Pyramid Lake's warm, shallow waters are a magnet for anglers and swimmers. The world-record cutthroat trout -- a 41-pound whopper -- was pulled from these electric blue waters in 1925.

Pyramid Lake Information

Address: Visitor Center

709 State St., Nixon, NV

Telephone: 775/574-1088

Hours of Operation: Dawn - Dusk

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