Family Vacations in Nevada

Often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, Hoover Dam is a must for visitors to the state of Nevada, especially since it's less than an hour's drive from Las Vegas.

Nevada offers families the best of both worlds -- outdoor adventure and a dazzling city that are so close together, you can experience it all in one day. About 85 percent of the state is public land and there are well over 200 forested mountain ranges where families can hike, backpack, mountain climb, ski, sightsee, go flatwater paddling or take a canoe trip.

Hoover Dam, one of the twentieth century's greatest engineering achievements, is also one of the grandest attractions in the state of Nevada. Built from more than six million tons of concrete, kids will be amazed by the structure’s sheer size.

While the The Sagebrush State is home to America’s largest adult playground, the 24-hour city of Las Vegas is also chock full of fun activities and attractions especially for kids.

In the following article, you’ll find profiles of some of the state’s major attractions and activities. Included is contact information to help you plan your trip as well as photos of each destination. Here’s a preview:

Whitewater Park and Kayak Slalom Racing Course

During the summer months Whitewater Park and Kayak Slalom Racing Course is popular with kids who enjoy floating down the river in inner tubes.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has reinvented itself in recent years as a family vacation destination. As a result, Las Vegas now offers an array of family-oriented shows and themed hotels that kids are sure to love.

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is a striking contrast to its rugged, arid surroundings in northwestern Nevada. Located on the Paiute Indian Reservation, Pyramid Lake's warm, shallow waters are a magnet for anglers and swimmers.

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