Family Vacations in Nebraska

Courtesy of M. Forsberg, Nebraska DED Near Burwell, the 5,000-acre Calamus Reservoir is a welcome water retreat.

The Great Plains of Nebraska are the perfect place for your family to re-discover the American Frontier. State parks and museums preserve the spirit of the Wild West, while sprawling trails and fields invite visitors to create new adventures of their own.

In the following pages, you'll find profiles of some of the state's vacation spots. From historic parks to natural-habitat zoos, there are plenty of attractions for your family to explore. You'll also find contact information to help with your trip planning, as well as photographs from each destination. Here's a preview:


Henry Doorly Zoo

Omaha's award-winning zoo recreates natural habits so that visitors can watch the animals roam through waterfalls, cliffs and giant trees.

Fort Robinson State Park

Relive the days of the Old West: breakfast trail rides, fireside buffalo stew cookouts and sing-alongs await you on the grounds of this 22,000-acre historic park.

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historic Park

Frontier legend William Cody -- also known as Buffalo Bill -- lived on a ranch just north of North Platte. Today, his house is filled with memorabilia from the Wild West.


Built as an homage to the automobile and one of England's most mystic destinations, Carhenge is one of those roadside attractions you simply don't want to miss in Nebraska.

Chimney Rock

Rising to a spire of almost 325 feeet above the North Platte River Valley, Chimney Rock can be seen from miles away.

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