Family Vacations in Missouri

Family Vacations in Missouri: Kaleidoscope

Photo courtesy of Kaleidoscope/Chris Duh A young artist hard at work surrounded by Kaleidescope's vibrant decor.

Hallmark Cards, Inc., created an art studio for children right next door to its visitor's center in Kansas City. Called Kaleidoscope, it's an 8,000-square-foot space divided into various colorful theme areas with all kinds of art supplies and creative materials.

Children need only bring their imaginations and willingness to create. Ribbons, papers, melted crayons, cutout shapes, and all kinds of other craft materials are provided. In one part of the room, children color a plain piece of cardboard that is then cut into a puzzle by a special device while they watch.

Another area is decorated in an outer space motif. It is lit by black light so that the ink of the fluorescent markers glows as children color. Broken fluorescent crayons are melted, and children can paint with the wax using long sticks tipped with cotton.

Every day there are different projects, and supply bins are placed throughout to hold the inviting castoffs from the Hallmark studios -- curly bows, old ornaments, parts of pens, little lockets from old journals, circles and squares stamped out of gold or silver paper, and alphabet letters. They are available for a collage or whatever masterpiece a child wishes to create.

Kaleidoscope Information

Address: 2500 McGee St, Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816/274-8300

Admission: Free

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