Family Vacations in Missouri

Family Vacations in Missouri: Branson

© Branson/Lakes Area C.O.C. Audiences thrill to the riders' stunts atthe Dixie Stampede.

the World," and it features dozens of performances daily, as well as a variety of attractions that can keep the fun going for days.

You'll find entertainment for all ages at Branson. The Dixie Stampede is a dinner theater that features costumed stunt riders on horseback, ostrich races, and performing pigs, while the Kirby Van Burch Show offers exotic animals and magic. There are also acrobatics shows, a lively 1950s music review, and family-friendly comedy shows. Amusement parks, go-cart tracks, train rides, and festivals add to the fun.

For more information on Branson:

The Branson Tourism Center at 800/785-1550.

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