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Family Vacations in Mexico

Family Vacations in Mexico: Whale Watching in the Sea of Cortez

Gray whales wintering in Mexico's Sea of Cortez are easy to spot as they surface to breathe.

If you think your family is traveling a great distance to go on vacation, consider that every year, thousands of gray whales migrate to the warm coastal waters of Mexico's Baja Peninsula to mate and give birth. They migrate from their summer homes in the Bering and Chukchi seas between Alaska and Siberia, a journey of more than 6,000 miles. While other types of whales also winter in the Sea of Cortez, the gray whales provide the most rewarding experience for whale watchers -- particularly those who may be young and impatient -- because they surface about every four or five minutes.

Three locations on Baja's Pacific coast offer particularly good vantage points for watching grays: Scammon's Lagoon, about 430 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border; San Ignacio Lagoon, about 525 miles south of the border; and Magdalena Bay, about 800 miles south of the border. These areas are government-protected marine parks, and whale watching is restricted to boats operated by trained guides.


A number of travel companies specialize in whale-watching trips to the lagoons and other areas of Baja's Pacific coast from mid-December to mid-March, when the numerous gray whales migrate to the area. During this peak season, it's not uncommon to actually pet a whale or see babies just a few days old swimming alongside their mothers. Now that's a family vacation to remember!

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