Family Vacations in Kansas

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Family Vacations: Dodge City

Historic buildings are painstakingly recreated in Dodge City to form Front Street,bringing to life the town's Wild West heritage.

Back in Dodge City's heyday, rough-and-tumble gunslingers fought and died with their boots on. They took up permanent residence in Boot Hill Cemetery alongside paupers who couldn't afford a burial. The actual graves have been moved, but the tombstones have been re-created. They now display colorful epitaphs such as "Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a 44. No Les. No more."

The cemetery is now part of Boot Hill Museum, a reconstruction of notorious Front Street in 1876, the business district of Old Dodge City, Kansas. Carefully researched through photographs and diaries, the historic buildings include an 1879 cattle driver's home, the jail from Fort Dodge, and a one-room schoolhouse.


Care to rub elbows with some of the Wild West's most colorful characters? Stop by the Gunfighter Wax Museum and say howdy to Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, and a host of others. You can wet your whistle at the re-created Long Branch Saloon, a popular watering hole during Dodge City's lawless years. For a more sedate evening during the summer months, enjoy the open air concerts of the Dodge City Cowboy Band.

Dodge City Information

Address: Downtown Dodge City

First and Gunsmoke St

Dodge City, KS

Phone: 620/225-8186, 800/653-9378

From Dodge City to Oz, Kansas delivers classic stories. Read the next page to find out how another famous Kansan got home. 

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