Family Vacations in Hawaii

Oahu's north shore offers a stunning view and a playground for families.

Whether your interests are history, native cultures, hiking, water sports, or simply relaxing in the sun, Hawaii has abundant options to keep you and your family entertained. This article will introduce you to a selection of family-friendly destinations in Hawaii. You'll also find photos and contact information included to make your planning that much easier. Here are the highlights:

The USS Arizona Memorial


Located at Oahu, Hawaii's historic Pearl Harbor, this memorial pays tribute to those who died when the Japanese bombed the harbor in 1941.

Waikiki Beach

These two miles of gorgeous golden sand offer not just an opportunity to relax, but plenty of things for kids to do -- from taking a dip in the water to visiting the zoo to learning to surf.

Oahu's North Shore

Known for its spectacular wintertime surf, Oahu's North Shore is a world-class surfing destination, as well as home to several surfing competitions.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Explore Hawaii's history -- as well as other Pacific cultures -- in an interactive environment that includes a luau each evening.

Waimea Canyon

Located on the island of Kauai, this lush, green canyon is Hawaii's answer to the Grand Canyon. Take a tour by helicopter or hiking trail.

Kapalua Beach

With soft sand, calm water, and excellent snorkeling, Maui's Kapalua Beach is not only a great spot for kids, but hailed by many as one of Hawaii's finest beaches.

Mauna Loa

Hanakapi'ai Falls

Hanakapi'ai Falls on the northwestern side of the island of Kauai is the picture of tropical paradise. The beautiful, 300-foot ribbon of water delicately cascades down a rugged volcanic wall, tumbling into an idyllic pool. The falls are set amidst a thick rain forest that's teeming with life, and swimming conditions are nothing short of perfect.

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