Family Vacations in Canada

Family Vacations in Canada: Lake Louise

Canoeing in the calm waters of Lake Louise is a great family outing. Don’t forget the binoculars -- you’ll see a variety of wildlife along the lake’s edge and in the surrounding mountains.

Snowcapped mountain peaks and formidable glaciers cradle Lake Louise's emerald depths in a natural, icy amphitheater. Situated in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, it offers one of the most breathtaking views in the world and is a popular vacation site. Lake Louise is a diamond in the wilderness, and its crystal clear waters, glaciers, and waterfalls make it Canada's most famous lake.

The Lake Louise area is known as one of Canada's premier hiking spots. The landscape is criss-crossed by trails that you can take through wooded areas and into high meadows, with stops at overlooks that offer breathtaking views. You can also rent horses for a leisurely ride around the lake or rent a rowboat or canoe to enjoy its mirrored waters.

Teatime amid the splendor of Banff National Park awaits those who hike the 4.5-mile round-trip along Lake Agnes Trail, which begins at the shores of Lake Louise. The trail leads you through a magnificent old-growth forest past Mirror Lake and Bridal Veil Falls before reaching the Lake Agnes Teahouse, where you can stop for refreshments. Farther up the trail, a longer and more arduous hike better suited for older children will take you to yet another teahouse, The Plain of Six Glaciers.

Lake Louise Information

Canadian Tourism Commission

Suite 1400, Four Bentall Centre

1055 Dunsmuir St./Box 49230

Vancouver, BC V5P 1L2 Canada

Telephone: 604-638-8300

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