Family Vacations in Canada

Family Vacations in Canada: Montreal

More than seven million people visit Old Montreal each year to enjoy the spectacular scenery or stroll the cobblestone streets on a sunny day.

Montreal, Canada is one of the largest French-speaking metropolises in the world. Following Quebec's laws, all signs are posted in French, but services are available in English in the parts of the city most visited by tourists.Many visitors start in Old Montreal, the Vieux-Port, which contains a collection of historic buildings that rival most cities in North America.

The cobblestone streets lead to the great square, Place Jacques-Cartier. A promenade along quaint shops and fine restaurants takes you past Montreal City Hall. The Chateau Ramezay, built in the 1700s for the governor and now a museum, lies along rue Notre-Dame, the oldest street in the city. Nearby, don't miss the Place D'Armes square.

The Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the most stunning buildings in Montreal. The Neogothic-style church was built in 1829. The interior is lavishly beautiful, featuring stained glass windows, an elaborate altarpiece, a Casavant organ, and the largest bell on the continent, le Gros Bourdon.

Visitors seeking outdoor recreation are in luck. Montreal's Mount Royal Park sits on a dormant volcano. (The mountain is the origin for the city's name: Jacques Cartier referred to Mont Royal on his voyage there in 1535. At that time, réal was a variation of royal, and the contraction yielded Montreal.) At 761 feet, the overlook gives a dazzling view of the city.

Montreal Information

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Vancouver, BC V5P 1L2 Canada

Telephone: 604/648-8300

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