Family Vacations in California

Family Vacations in California: SeaWorld

Let’s see -- if it’s black and white, swims, and eats fish, it must be Shamu? Not so, according to the penguins that also inhabit SeaWorld. They make up a waddling welcome crew that is quite an entertaining sight.

Beware the Soak Zone, or at least wear quick-drying clothing when you visit SeaWorld in San Diego. When everyone's favorite killer whale sends up its signature greeting, those closest to the tank will be deluged by a wall of water as Shamu leaps out of the air and belly smacks back into the pool. The acrobatic mammal is a SeaWorld favorite -- indeed, its main attraction. But Shamu gets some serious competition in the cuteness department from some of SeaWorld's other creatures, especially the gentle, sweet-faced manatees and the waddling penguins. A number of shows besides Shamu's feature animal acts.

The park has a collection of rides that include water coasters, raft rides, and the Wild Arctic experience, where guests find themselves on a stomach-twirling simulated helicopter ride to a remote Arctic research station. If you care to take a stroll through shark-infested waters, check out the 280,000-gallon shark exhibit that features a 57-foot-long acrylic tunnel that allows you to walk right through a school of pointy-toothed predators.

SeaWorld Information

Address: 500 SeaWorld Drive, San Diego, CA 92109

Telephone: 800/257-4268

Hours of Operation: Mar. - Dec., Hours vary

Admission: $48.99 adults; $38 kids

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