Family Vacations in California

Family Vacations in California: Legoland

©2007 LEGOLAND California Kids love the 120 acres of fun rides, entertaining shows, and imaginative buildings that make up Legoland. The Coast Cruise is one of the park’s 50 rides.

The popular building blocks that have amused so many young builders are the inspiration behind this Carlsbad amusement park. It's one of four Legoland parks around the world, and the only one located in North America.

Many of the rides in the park use a supersize version of the signature design and colors of the bricks, while other attractions are actually made out of Lego pieces. Don't miss the amazing Miniland, USA, which displays seven regions of the United States, all animated and constructed completely out of 20 million Lego bricks. You'll see Cape Canaveral, window washers scaling a New York City skyscraper, and a busy San Francisco pier, complete with little Lego sea lions basking in the sun. Other marvels in the park include a fiery red, 9-foot-tall, 34-foot-long Lego dinosaur and a carefully constructed scene of a woman on a balcony watering her petunias.

Many displays are geared to toddlers and preschoolers. A favorite is the Fairy Tale Brook, where guests can take a boat ride through enchantingly constructed versions of their favorite fairy tales. At the Musical Fountain they can step on colored circles surrounding a huge fountain to make instruments play a lively tune.

Older kids will enjoy the roller coasters and the funny Royal Joust, where they ride galloping Lego hobbyhorses. They'll also enjoy driving cars on a grid of streets complete with traffic lights and stop signs -- after they learn the rules of the road, of course. An unusual Knights' Tournament ride turns and twists in the air and lets guests choose the ride's thrill factor and intensity level.

It just wouldn't be a full day without some hands-on Lego activity. A trip to the Imagination Zone will let the kids try their hands at construction, with an endless supply of Legos and Duplos. At the model shop, kids can see master builders create new and exciting Lego models for the park right before their eyes.

Legoland Information

Address: One Legoland Dr., Carisbad, CA

Telephone: 760/918-5346

Hours of Operation: Hours vary

Admission: $57 adults; $44 kids

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