Family Vacations in Arizona

Family Vacations in Arizona: Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Ancient Puebloans built multi-storied stone and adobe dwellings into these cliffs.
Ancient Puebloans built multi-storied stone and adobe dwellings into these cliffs.

Canyon de Chelly in northeastern Arizona blends archaeology, history, and geology. The canyon was carved by eons of runoff from spring storms and has been inhabited by humans for about 2,000 years. The cliff dwellings are spectacular structures with perfectly preserved specimens and ruins set in deep caves at the base of vivid red and yellow sandstone walls.

The caves are surrounded by green pastures, fields of maize, and cottonwood trees, creating an incredible vista. But unlike most of the national parks in the United States, Canyon de Chelly is also part of the Navajo Nation and home to a living community of people who consider the canyon sacred ground. Likewise, visitors to Canyon de Chelly should treat the canyon as such and tread lightly on its floor.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument Information

Address: Visitor Center 3 miles off Rt. 191

Chinle, AZ

Telephone: 928/871-6647

Hours of Operation: Dawn - Dusk

Admission: Free

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