Family Vacations in Arizona

Family Vacations in Arizona: Sedona

Photo courtesy of National Park Service Sparkling creeks and streams create a scenic obstacle course for Sedona hikers.

The eerie red rock formations around Sedona resemble the desert landscape of an alien planet. Children will be fascinated as they take in the striking red spires and sculpted burgundy buttes that have been given unusual names such as Devil's Bridge and Coffee Pot Rock. The formations soar dramatically above the dry gulches and exotic saguaro cacti of the rugged terrain.

Hiking trails lead to Native American ruins and overlooks; jeep tours whisk visitors over hard-packed dirt, through arid gullies, and past odd configurations of crimson rocks and walls covered with ancient petroglyphs. Nearby is the historic mining town of Jerome and a towering cliff dwelling that was once inhabited by the Sinagua Indians.

­ Sedona Information

Address: Red Rock

7780 E. Beaver Creek Ranger Station Rd., Sedona, AZ

Telephone: 928/282-7722,800/288-7336

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