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Travel the nation state-by-state and discover the best family-friendly destinations in North America. Learn more about family vacations in North America.


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California and Marijuana Tourism: What You Need to Know

On Jan. 1, 2018 it became legal for adults to partake in recreational marijuana in California. But there are still some restrictions.

Family Vacations

From the cherry blossoms in our nation's capital to the Space Needle in Seattle to the fabulous Hollywood hills, we have trips for families, couples and kids of all ages.

Family Vacations in Alaska

Alaska features more than 100 state parks perfect for hiking, fishing, camping, and animal watching. Visitors can also explore the regions marine life on an inside passage cruise. Learn more about family vacations in Alaska.

Family Vacations: Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is a barrier island off the east coast of Florida that's spacious enough to include the 58,000-acre Canaveral National Seashore, John F. Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Read about vacations to Cape Canaveral.

Family Vacations: Louisiana State Capitols

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, surprises visitors with not one but two amazing state capitols. Today the Old State Capitol is a museum, and its Gothic-revival architecture is impressive. Learn more about family vacations to the Louisiana State Capitols.

Family Vacations in Minnesota

As a family vacation destination Minnesota offers soothing waters great for canoing a world-class shopping mall and seasonal events for the whole family. Learn more about family vacations in Minnesota.

Family Vacations in Iowa

Iowa offers something for everyone as a family vacation destination. With it's world-class State Fair and bustling cities, Iowa is a delight in any season. Learn more about Iowa family vacations.

Family Vacations: Pittsburghs Three Rivers

Where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers join to form the Ohio River you’ll find a neighborhood full of shopping and fine dining. Learn more about the Three Rivers and other family vacations in Pittsburgh.

Family Vacations in Illinois

From teeming cities to sleepy beachfront towns, Illinois knows how to show a vacationing family a good time. Whether you're after some shopping, award-winning cuisine, or simply a night on the town, learn how Illinois' busting burghs have the goods.

Family Vacations in Missouri

Missouri isn't all about country music (though it's home to Branson arguably the American center for honky-tonk.) With museums zoos and the famous Gateway Arch there's plenty to see and do. Learn more about Missouri family vacations.

Family Vacations in Nevada

In Nevada, kids have their pick of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or canoeing in the mountains or rides, shows, and games in Las Vegas. Find out more about family vacations in Nevada.

Family Vacations in Colorado

From the Pueblo Ruins and Pikes Peak to the most popular hot springs in the country, Colorado is a bundle of extremes. Learn how families can enjoy wilderness walks or railway rides, rafting or rock climbing, sightseeing or relaxing in Colorado.

Family Vacations in Wyoming

More than 600 species of wildlife inhabit Wyoming's diverse terrain of plains, foothills and high mountain ranges, so animal watching adventures are always within reach for families that enjoy the wilderness. Learn about family vacations in Wyoming.

Family Vacations in Utah

Utah has been long considered a paradise for adventure seekers, offering everything from whitewater rafting to skiing and snowboarding on some of the greatest snow on Earth. Read how Utah also appeals to serious animal lovers and history buffs alike.

Family Vacations in Washington

The state of Washington is a great place for family vacations -- you can enjoy natural beauty and outdoor activities or you can experience the state's metropolitan attractions. Learn all about family vacations to Washington.

Family Vacations in Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers endless opportunities for adventure including wildlife tours canoeing camping hiking and biking. Families will also enjoy cultural festivals amusement parks interactive museums and Broadway entertainment.

Family Vacations in Mexico

Mexico offers family vacation options from theme parks and ancient Mayan culture to whale watching to exotic festivals and it has sun warm water and sandy beaches too. Learn more about family vacations in Mexico.

Family Vacations in New Mexico

In New Mexico kids can explore dark caverns watch millions of Mexican free-tailed bats flood the sky ski bike camp visit museums and attend festivals. Find out more about family vacations in New Mexico.

Family Vacations in Canada

From Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Niagara Falls to the Northwest Territories Canada is bursting at the borders with family-friendly vacation spots. Highlights run the gamut from outdoor beauty to cosmopolitan cities.

Family Vacations in Arizona

The fun in Arizona doesn't stop at sightseeing, hiking or rafting adventures. Arizona features scores of small towns and communities where the locals will always welcome you, and it is also home to one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Family Vacations in Texas

From the mountains of West Texas to the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, families will find it easy to locate the perfect park to explore, scenic trails to hike, and the warmest waters to wade. Learn more about family vacations in Texas.

Family Vacations: Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Pennsylvania Dutch Country attracts visitors eager to sample the simple life. Ride in horse-drawn buggies cross wooden covered bridges and visit tiny villages. Shopping and dining are plentiful. Find out more about Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Family Vacations in South Dakota

From Mount Rushmore to the Wind Cave National Park, the landscape of South Dakota is a beautiful blend of natural and manmade architecture. Learn more about family vacations in South Dakota.

Family Vacations in Idaho

Idaho nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest shaped by the Rocky Mountains and extensive rivers is both beautiful to look at and exciting to explore. Learn about memorable family vacation destinations in Idaho.

Family Vacations in Oregon

Perched on the coast of the Pacific home to national parks and historic beaches Oregon boasts one of the most diverse terrains of any state in the country. Learn about Oregon’s family vacation destinations.