How Cruises Work

When Should I Go?

The best time to go depends on where you're going and what you're doing! Check out seasonal and calendar factors (for example, when it's winter in the United States, it's summertime in South America). Of course, some cruises operate on short, specific seasons. These include Alaska, Norway and Patagonia, which are virtually inaccessible during the winter. (Visit Norway during June, July and August, and Alaska and Patagonia from late May to September.) If you plan to spend much of your time in outdoor activities, choose the best season for that. If you just want to wander in and out of museums in Europe, perfect weather might not be necessary for a great vacation. In addition, remember that the perfect time for your family to travel (during spring break or Christmas vacation) is also the ideal time for everybody else to travel! Plan ahead!

Whatever you decide, bear in mind that your mode of travel is a ship. Cruise veterans know that there's a very different feel to cold-weather cruises, where passengers don't spend too much time on deck, and warmer cruises, where the deck is a lively hub. It's something to consider when you imagine your perfect cruise!

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