Alaska Scenic Drives

© Long Lake is one of the many wonders along
┬ę Long Lake is one of the many wonders along

Alaska scenic drives provide a perfect way to experience the state's rugged wilderness -- and the previews at the bottom of this page will show you the way. They contain links to articles that are filled with highlights, photos, and useful maps for three popular Alaska scenic drives.

Summer visitors to Alaska are treated to extended daylight hours, perfect for long scenic drives through the state's expansive frontier. Those brave enough to plan a trip in the winter enjoy views of the northern lights and experience the cold, harsh conditions endured by indigenous people for thousands of years.

Visitors seek out Alaska for its unrelenting beauty. At every turn, a meadow, seascape, or mountain vista provides striking fodder for cameras. Of the three scenic routes described here, only two require driving -- Marine Highway is the only highway in the U.S. that's actually on water. Would-be drivers along this route become passengers on a ferry that trolls through some of the most pristine coastal scenes in the world. Choose from these three Alaska scenic drives:

Marine Highway

From Bellingham, Washington, tourists board ferries that edge westward with 32 terminals along the way. The slow route passes fjords, glaciers, islands, waterfalls, and mountains with easy connections to land routes.

Glenn Highway

Anchorage's long summer days and intriguing northern light winter nights are celebrated along this route, which features some of the best bird watching in the country.

Seward Highway

The route from Seward to Anchorage is rife with waterfalls, glaciers, wildflowers, mountains, and bald eagles. Hanging glaciers are also a defining feature of this region.

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