A Guide to Preparing for an African Safari

Author's Note

I'll be honest here: I am pretty much the opposite of a hunter. You could probably classify me more as one of those hippie vegan types. I'm not apologizing here, just explaining my point of reference when I was researching this article. So many things about a safari are incredibly intriguing to me! Who wouldn't want to see a herd of zebras bounding across a plain or experience the vistas in the Serengeti, right?

The one aspect of going on safari that didn't sit so well with me was reading about those safaris that emphasized on hunting. Still, since most of the tours are only about the amazing wildlife and gorgeous views, I'm definitely adding a safari to my bucket list. The option that appealed to me the most might be The Big Five Marathon. I love running, and I can't even imagine how it would feel to do 26.2 miles through the savannah!

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